Raison D'être
This game was inspired by a classic game with a torn label.

How to Play
Use Left and Right arrows to steer. Use Up arrow to accelerate. The Space bar activates your syringe to inject juice into butts as they float around. For a short window after you have injected a but your syringe can spin around very fast. This lets you whip the syringe around and get a few butts in one sweep of the needle!

When the juice meter is empty you can't inject butts any more. Pick up a medicine bottle to get more juice!

Every round your muscle meter (in the top left corner) will get thicker. Play to the end to see some massive flexing muscles!

Fancy Pants
The game supports gamepads but the control panel for them may be cut off on here.


michaelfiber - programming
UMKShock - graphics

Development log

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